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Contrary to the popular "me-generation" stereotype, baby boomers were once experts at getting by on less.

Haight-Ashbury, after all, was filled with rent-sharing communes. Hitchhiking cross-country saved gas before there was ever an energy crisis. And at a whopping $6, a ticket to Woodstock was an entertainment steal.

It's doubtful these kinds of frugal lifestyle choices appeal to boomers today. But the notion of economizing will increasingly play a central role in this iconic generation's lives. Simply put: They are starting to turn 65. And most of this demographic bubble will have less money in retirement than when they were working.

Does that mean you can't play golf? Might you skip a coveted cruise because you could live to 100? Should you consider returning to the commune?

Emphatically: No. Retirement realities mean matching means to dreams. Whether you're closer in age to former President George W. Bush (July 6, 1946) or's CEO Jeff Bezos (Jan. 12, 1964), the planning principles are the same. In the spirit of a generation that traveled to the beat of a different drum, here's a self-help guide to a fulfilling retirement.




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