5 early retirement success stories

An alternative retirement plan

Does your plan involve working until you are 65 and then retiring to travel or play golf? For some people, the traditional concept of retirement isn't on the radar. Rather, a new trend in early retirement -- call it financial independence -- is a viable alternative for those with strong will and intent.

"Retirement as a concept is going through another transition. It seems likely that somewhere down the road, (traditional) retirement won't even be a goal," says Jonathan DeYoe, owner of DeYoe Wealth Management.

Early retirement means different things to different folks. Some people retire and then, to while away the time, take up a hobby that evolves into a business. Others take an extended holiday for the better part of a decade and then get back to work. Still, others spend time in activities that they simply love to do for which they may or may not get paid.

Following are the stories of young, financially independent individuals who bucked societal norms. Each of them shares their route to early retiree freedom, as well as their unconventional views of retirement.


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