Early retirees who freelance for income

Carson Hall, retired at 41
Photo courtesy of Carson Hall

Carson Hall's career with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department was short-lived, thanks to a windfall that helped her retire at a very young age. But in retirement, Hall says she was in need of some mental stimulation. "I enjoy learning new things and being able to do something that is beneficial to society," she says.

Since she retired in 2001, Hall lives in Las Vegas and has volunteered at a few animal rescue organizations and spent several years volunteering at her local library. In 2009, she was offered a job for a political group working to decriminalize marijuana use in Nevada, and she jumped at the opportunity. "I took the job because I believed in the cause and I knew it would be short-term," she says. Although the political group collapsed without achieving its goal, Hall is grateful for the experience. "I learned a lot about the legislative process. It was interesting."

For Hall, the ability to choose paid and unpaid work is the greatest benefit of being retired. "I felt very relaxed working in retirement, and I never worried about getting fired because I knew I had an income stream that I could rely on," she says.


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