Early retirees who freelance for income

Winton Churchill, retired at 57
Photo courtesy of Winton Churchill

The high cost of living and hustle and bustle of Los Angeles left Winton Churchill looking for a better life elsewhere. In 2008, he decided to retire and move to Huatulco, a small town near Mexico's Pacific coast. "I loved the low cost of living and relaxed pace of life here, so I decided to come and run my tech consulting business remotely."

After his move, Churchill says he got calls and emails from people asking how he could work from Mexico. "After the market crash, people got more interested in moving abroad, so I started to teach people," he says. That turned into a part-time consulting business. "Now I try to help people work remotely on platforms like Elance and Odesk," he says. Elance and Odesk are platforms where employers can find and hire freelancers on a short-term contractual basis. Churchill has worked on Elance since 2001. "The site has exploded, so now there's something for everybody."

Churchill says his Mexican lifestyle is low-stress, but he tries to keep active and connected. "The biggest pro of my work is that I have control of my schedule and I have the benefit of being in a really nice place without the stress that comes along with having to meet a huge financial nut."


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