Early retirees who freelance for income

5 early retirees who freelance for income
5 early retirees who freelance for income © Goodluz/

With early retirement becoming an alluring option, more people are considering working part time, volunteering or freelancing in retirement to fill the time or bring in some extra cash. But how do early retirees prevent side jobs from becoming a full-time occupation?

A growing number of retirees are taking advantage of new technologies to harvest income-yielding opportunities on their own terms, says Gabriela Zabalua-Goddard, host of AARP Viva radio. "More retirees are moving abroad while maintaining business interests or contacts in the United States. Of course, the Internet is making all of this possible," she says. "The key to success is finding your passion and running with it."

Bankrate spoke to five early retirees who freelance for income. They follow their passions in retirement to earn a bit of extra cash and spend time doing what they love when it suits them -- without being chained to a job and a 40-hour work week.


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