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Creating a happy retirement: Your legacy
Creating a happy retirement: Your legacy © CandyBox Images/

A complete vision for retirement years should include the legacy you want to leave behind, such as making an effort to give back to the world or your community. "As human beings, we are all physical beings, emotional beings and also spiritual beings," Barzideh says. "To be truly fulfilled, we have to tend to all of those areas. Ask, how can I give back and use my time on Earth to make this world a better place? Research shows the happiest people are those who are committed to helping others."

Making a plan to leave a positive legacy could include volunteering your time, giving financially to charities, or "simply sharing the wisdom that you've gleaned over the years with the younger generation," Barzideh says. "All of those acts can help make you a happier person, make this world a better place and also cement your legacy."

Curfman works with retirees who split their volunteering time between their churches and their local hospitals, he says. Others volunteer as teachers' aides in order to be close to their grandchildren.

"Find out what to do with all that passion you put into your job and redirect it to those who need it now," Siman says. "Add some intellectual stimulation to your retirement plans. It will keep you healthier."


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