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Creating a happy retirement: Your spare time
Creating a happy retirement: Your spare time © Kzenon/

At first, many retirees have more time than they know what to do with. Rather than feeling lost after leaving your career, plan now for how you will spend that extra time -- and how you will finance it. If you've never had hobbies, "You should begin trying them as soon as possible, not waiting until you retire," Siman says. "Take a few golf lessons to see if that may be your next best hobby. If so, that is an unexpected added expense you need to plan to support. Or join a bridge club and learn a new game. Check it out ahead of time to fine-tune the decision."

People who lack hobbies and interests to occupy their time when they retire often become bored and eventually depressed, says Ben Barzideh, wealth adviser at Piershale Financial Group in Crystal Lake, Ill. So it's vital to envision yourself participating in activities that will fill your time and feed your mind. "It's very important to stay active in retirement, not only physically, but also mentally," he says. "Join an exercise group or join a new social group. Exercise helps keep your body sharp and socializing and continuing to learn new things helps keep the mind sharp. Being around other retirees and people your age can help you stay happy."


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