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Creating a happy retirement: Your home life
Creating a happy retirement: Your home life © bikeriderlondon/

The family home is often at the center of a family's activity during child-rearing and even grandchild-rearing years; its role often changes as homeowners grow older. Consider whether you'll want to downsize to a smaller home, build the home of your dreams or move to a new location for your retirement years. Where you will live plays a crucial role in your post-career years and your financial situation.

"Consider both now and for the foreseeable future, when health may make staying put not an option," Siman says. "Could you imagine making physical changes to your current residence that would allow you to stay should you become ill or have physical limitations? Could you move downstairs to a first-floor bedroom? Will you prefer to move and if so, to a place that can accommodate to physical limitations?"


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