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Creating a happy retirement: Your work life
Creating a happy retirement: Your work life © CLS Design/

Many people "find a lot of worth in their work," Curfman says. Because leaving the workplace is like leaving behind an important personal value, completely retiring can be depressing. When planning for the future, consider what role you want work to play in your later life -- part-time work, consulting or a completely different career are options to maintain an income stream and boost feelings of fulfillment.

Planning ahead may allow you to slowly transition into retirement, by reducing hours gradually or acting as a consultant for a while. Such a plan "can open doors and maybe allow for a second career you can control," says Terry J. Siman, CFP professional and managing director of United Capital Financial Partners' Philadelphia office.  

Anthony promotes the idea of "retiring on purpose," which means using your experience and wisdom for meaningful and fulfilling pursuits. "Just as our money compounds in the later years, so does our wisdom and experience," he says. "Don't retire your heart and soul."


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