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Zany ways that agents try to get noticed

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Sex sells. But does it sell real estate?

Apparently, Wendy Heath, a real estate agent in Southern California, thought a little sex appeal was just what the local housing market needed. Posing near the ocean in a bikini, Heath's billboard asked a simple question: "Got real estate?"

"I wanted to set myself apart and kind of shock the shore, and, you know, drive people to my website and increase my business," Heath told MSNBC's Joe Scarborough. "There (are) many, many real estate agents in our area, and it's hard to break through and set yourself apart. I am absolutely amazed that one billboard could cause so much attention, but I am absolutely elated."

But while the ad got a lot of media attention, it also irked some of Heath's colleagues. One fellow real estate agent slammed her for taking the "blonde bimbo way out" and "destroying all our credibility in one fell, ditzy swoop."

So did it sell real estate? It's hard to say. When Heath ran the billboard back in 2005, she said traffic to her website jumped from 2,000 hits a day to 20,000. But a current search for Wendy Heath found that her Team Heath website is no longer operational.


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