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The celebrity connection
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Ruta Fox of Manhattan had her Upper East Side apartment on the market for almost a year with no bites. She recently developed a Twitter campaign (@divinediamonds) to drum up interest by focusing on the fact that many celebrities live in the neighborhood.

"My campaign centered on the fact that you, too, could live near celebrities if you had my apartment," she says. A few sample Tweets:

"Madonna just bought a town house two blocks from RUTA."

"Justin Timberlake's Southern restaurant is right around the corner from RUTA."

"Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha filmed 'Sex and The City 2' right around the corner."

And so on. Each tweet included a link to her Realtor's listing. So far, Fox reports that her strategy has increased the number of people at showings and she's received two offers, both of which fell through.

She's confident that a sale will come through soon due to her social media efforts.




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