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7 home-seller to-do's before hiring agent

Take stock of your upgrades
Take stock of your upgrades © Artazum and Iriana Shiyan/

While sellers shouldn't make improvements in advance of hiring an agent, they should have the details on any upgrades they've made.

"It is very helpful as a listing agent to be provided with a list of upgrades or improvements that have been made to the home during the course of ownership," says Clair Lee, an agent with Amanda Howard Real Estate in Huntsville, Ala. "These improvements can range from major expenditures such as additions, to smaller investments such as new carpet or flooring. But knowing about these updates can help us price your home correctly and market it effectively to buyers."

But while Lee says listing agents want to know about the improvements, they don't need to know what you spent.

"The price of updates is not as important as the fact that they have been made," she says. "Real estate professionals will know what value is added to the home with the upgrades, and in most instances it's more than the initial investment."


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