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7 home-seller to-do's before hiring agent

Clean up the place
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It should go without saying that you want an agent to walk into a clean home. Believe it or not, some sellers have missed the message, according to Chantay Bridges, a senior real estate specialist with Clear Choice Realty & Associates in Los Angeles.

"Think of it as making a great first impression," she says. "If the Realtor believes your home is fantastic, they will be persuaded to market it at a higher value. If they are convinced it's a dump, they may be more likely to express feelings that make you feel they want you to give your home away."

So what's a seller to do? According to Bridges, it's important to clean the home as if you're having your relatives over for dinner.

"You wouldn't have clothing on the floor or piled high if your in-laws were coming over," she says.

But you shouldn't limit your cleaning to inside the home.

"Curb appeal is major," Bridges says. "You want the agent to have a mental picture of your home being a prize, so if you need to mow the lawn or prune the bushes, do it."


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