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7 home-seller to-do's before hiring agent

Identify liens and disputes
Identify liens and disputes © Guy Shapira/

The easiest property to sell is unencumbered property. But that's not always possible, according to Chan, who says the more a seller can tell him in advance about any liens and other issues that could hold up a sale, the better.

"Agents want to know about any issues like liens or property disputes so they can deal with them before the house hits the markets," says Chan.

Think about any tax issues, disputes you have had with contractors or other problems that could have allowed a creditor to put a lien on the house. Likewise, Chan says, be upfront about disputes with neighbors, especially if they regard property lines, because it's easier to settle those matters before listing the property. And if you're selling a property that belonged to a deceased relative, Chan says, make sure the house has a clean title before contacting an agent.


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