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5 tips to sell your home this spring

Do pre-inspection repairs
Do pre-inspection repairs © Ernest R. Prim/

If you know a home inspector is going to find something wrong with your house, go ahead and fix it first, Kyte says.

"If you haven't maintained your home, you may want to hire your own home inspector before your home goes on the market so that you can make appropriate repairs before you try to sell it," she adds.

Findlay says it usually costs less to fix things before a home inspection, so she brings in an electrician to make sure the electrical panel has been updated and, if needed, a plumber before a listing goes on the market.

Gill says, "Most sellers know if something is broken. It makes more sense to do the repairs ahead of time rather than wait for a buyer to request it. Buyers may end up asking you to spend $300 on what should cost $100 just to make sure it's done right."


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