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10 surefire ways to scare off homebuyers

Sellers who hang around the house
Sellers who hang around the house © Marilyn Volan/

Sellers who hang around the house

Generally speaking, buyers don't like it when sellers meet them at the door, follow them around, eavesdrop and make unsolicited comments.

"It's so annoying," Goldwasser says. "They will want to walk around with the potential buyer and put in their 2 cents' worth. It's not good. Normally, there are 1 out of 10 sellers where it's OK to have them there, and that's because they know what is up with the property and how everything works."

Goldwasser makes a point to shoo his sellers away from showings when he's the listing agent.

"They like to think they know what they're doing, and that's fine," he says. "But when you've sold thousands of homes and you have a system, you know how to get people the maximum value for their home. That's why they hire you, right?"

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