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10 surefire ways to scare off homebuyers

Outdated fixtures and appliances
Outdated fixtures and appliances © Cynthia Farmer/

Outdated fixtures and appliances

Buyers are not impressed by tarnished doorknobs, disco-era light fixtures or old ceiling fans.

"You need to change out old fixtures in your house," Goldwasser says. "New cabinet hardware and doorknobs will probably cost all of $400 or $500, but it makes a huge difference."

The same holds true for dated ceiling fans, light fixtures and kitchen appliances.

"Homes that have old fans, lights, ovens, microwaves, ranges and dishwashers can really turn a buyer off," says Goldwasser. "Sellers will say, 'Oh, the buyers can take care of that.' Well, yes, they can, but it's going to impede you from getting the highest price possible for your home."

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