June 26, 2015 in Insurance

What’s on my renters insurance policy?

Your landlord is responsible for collecting your rent and fixing what’s broken, but the burden of protecting your possessions falls on your shoulders. If a thief makes off with your MacBook Pro, or a party guest spills sangria all over your sofa, don’t expect the building owner to pay up.

This is why you need a renters insurance policy. It covers loss or damage to your belongings inside the place you’re renting, but not the actual dwelling — that’s for the owner to worry about.

But what do all the terms on a renters policy mean? Hover over each section of the document below for an explanation.

Renters Policy Declarations
Name and Insured Residence address
Your Name

123 Easy St. Apt A1

Your Town, USA 54321

Your Insurance Company, Inc.

456 Money Blvd.

Their City, USA 98765

Policy number

777 9311 867 5309

Policy period

July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016

Coverage and Deductibles
Personal Property | Reimbursement Provision
Deductible: $500 (All Perils)
Personal Liability
$100,000 (per occurrence)
Medical Payments
$1,000 (per person)
Loss of Use
$2,500 (per occurence)
Total premium: $215