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7 tips to renovating after a natural disaster

Stomp out poor flooring
Stomp out poor flooring

Not surprisingly, disasters involving water are detrimental to floors. Carpet absorbs water and is difficult to dry out. McCurdy says while it's sometimes possible to dry, clean and re-lay carpet, you'll still need a new carpet pad. For areas such as the basement, consider flooring materials that can better handle the wetness.

"Tile is a good option because it can withstand moisture," says Ellis. However, in a catastrophic disaster, McCurdy says even tile can be ruined if the water sits on it for days.

As for materials not recommended in moisture-prone areas? Carpet, hardwood and laminate top the list of items to stay away from. "They'll be damaged pretty significantly by water," says McCurdy.

Ellis says an option for homeowners with basement moisture problems is to raise the floor off the concrete with rubber feet, making a small channel below where moisture can run.


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