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Try, try again: 6 tips for relisting a home

Stage it right
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Sellers who relist their homes without rethinking staging aren't setting themselves up for success, according to David Kean, a real estate agent in Beverly Hills, Calif.

"A well-presented house can make all the difference," says Kean, who advises clients to keep a listing "clean and clear" by decluttering. "If you don't need something, store it, sell it or give it away," he says.

That goes for furniture anywhere in the house and unnecessary kitchen appliances. Ditto for the soaps and shampoo bottles that hog space in the bathrooms. Kean says put away personal photos.

"It's hard for potential buyers to envision themselves living in your home when your photos make them feel as if they are intruding," Kean says. "If you simply can't live without your photos, edit them down, and keep them in the master bedroom."

Lastly, Kean advises clients to air out their homes because every dwelling has a distinct aroma that may not be pleasing to all buyers.


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