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Try, try again: 6 tips for relisting a home

Listen to broker comments
Listen to broker comments © Andy Dean Photography/

If you're relisting your home after three or more months off the market, the best place to start is with a post-mortem on what went wrong the last time.

"Sellers should absolutely consider comments from agents and buyers who saw the listing the first time," says Paul LeJoy, founder of Pacific Realty Partners in Newark, Calif. "How else do you know how to proceed if you don't know what has happened thus far?"

After the original listing ends, ask your agent how the market perceived the home. What you hear, LeJoy says, should guide future strategy, especially if a number of agents and buyers raise the same issues. The key to improving your results the second time, according to LeJoy, comes down to the seller's ability to take constructive criticism.


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