Movie homes for sale

'Rocky II'
'Rocky II' © Photo courtesy of Joseph Biancaniello

Philadelphia: $132,900

For sale: Rocky Balboa's piece of the American dream.

One of the first things the blue-collar hero-made-good does after he hits the big time -- and marries his beloved Adrian?

He buys a house. Specifically, a 1920s brick row house in south Philly.

And the house actually exists.

This three-bedroom two-bath home was built in 1923 and weighs in at a fit 1,036 square feet.

While only the exterior and front hallway appeared in the movie, the cast and crew were on-site for three days, says Joe Bianco, co-owner and associate broker with Alpha Realty Group.

"The whole neighborhood went crazy to see what was going on and to see Sylvester Stallone," says Bianco, who grew up in the neighborhood.

"It was a pretty cool time -- I was there the whole three days," he recalls. One memory: After shooting wrapped for the day, the home's owner served coffee and cookies to Burt Young and Talia Shire -- "very nice people," he says.


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