Movie homes for sale

'The Blind Side'
'The Blind Side' © Photo credit: Amy Followill

Atlanta: $3.5 million

From the outside, it looks like your typical suburban house.

But, like the film family it hosted in "The Blind Side," it's only when you see what's on the inside that you realize it's anything but average.

With this house, it's the size that will surprise you. It clocks in at an impressive 11,000 square feet -- enough room for a cast and crew to turn it into a sound stage for six weeks.

While the family who lived there decamped for the length of the shoot, they "loved meeting all the coaches and stars," says Debbie Shay, Realtor with Harry Norman Realtors (Buckhead North).

This home was used for interior shots only, she says. And for movie buffs, a few things will look different. In the film, the crew turned the living room into the dining room and vice versa, she says.

But that distinctive stairway -- "the one that Sandra Bullock walks down so many times " -- and the kitchen and family room area are instantly recognizable, she says.

The one item serious potential buyers take away from their tour? "I give them a copy of the movie," Shay says.


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