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9 ways to live large in a tiny home

Think 'zones'
Think 'zones' | Justin Bernhaut/Getty Images

Think 'zones'

"Think of the space in terms of individual function zones," says Walsh.

That means all the books go in one area, and all the files have their place -- and keep like-things together, he says. "If you do that for your whole home, the idea is that if you find a fork anywhere in your home, you would know exactly where the fork lived," he says.

Set a limit on the number of a particular object that you keep, too. Whether you have 6 or 12 of something, "that's as much space as they take up," says Walsh. And if you want to add a new one, you toss an existing one. "One in, one out," he says.

"If you create a zone and set a limit, you start working with your space, rather than the volume of things you have," he says.


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