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9 ways to live large in a tiny home

Do 'the clutter test'
Do 'the clutter test' | Hero Images/Getty Images

Do 'the clutter test'

From family heirlooms to broken bits that you fear you might need, "your mind will invent all kinds of reasons why something will come in handy," says Karen Kingston, author of "Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui."

"Disregard your mind in this respect. It's not reliable."

Instead, gauge how the object makes you feel. When you see it or hold it, ask yourself, "Does it lift my energy or does my energy drop?" she suggests. "Even if you really like it, do you actually use it or have another one just like it?"

People tend to tune out the clutter in their homes, says Kingston. "But they still see and feel it on some level."

When you clear the stuff and free up space, you'll have a home that makes you feel rested, calm and creative.

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