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6 homes for sale that will astonish you

Gerald B. Tonkens House
Gerald B. Tonkens House © Photo courtesy of

Gerald B. Tonkens House

  • Location: Amberley, Ohio
  • Price: $1.788 million

This home, on more than four acres near Cincinnati, was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

The owners gave Wright a free hand in the design, asking only for a home that was low maintenance and within their price range, says Lori Wellinghoff, Realtor with Comey & Shepherd Realtors.

And the result was "stunning, just stunning," she adds.

Visitors enter the house through a library gallery hall, which opens to reveal the great room with floor-to-ceiling French doors that open to the lanai. "It takes your breath away," Wellinghoff says.

Frank Lloyd Wright FTW

Wright's design used more than 450 glass bricks in the home, along with Philippine mahogany, she says. In the bedrooms, the ceilings are coated in gold leaf, which reflects the sun and gives the rooms a soft glow.

The three-bedroom, 2,500-square-foot house is also sleek and practical, says Wellinghoff. "There's an abundant amount of storage behind push-latch doors."

Built into the land, she says, "it has a very indoor-outdoor feel."

Constructed in 1956 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this is the first time the house has ever been for sale, Wellinghoff says.


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