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6 homes for sale that will astonish you

Villa Whydah
Villa Whydah © Photo courtesy of

Villa Whydah

  • Location: St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
  • Price: $25 million

Who wouldn't love to have a Caribbean escape, tucked away in a cove -- and styled as a modern-day pirate's lair?

This six-bedroom home with a two-bedroom caretaker's cottage is "pretty over the top," says Lee Steiner, founder and president of United States Virgin Islands Sotheby's International Realty.

"It's almost like a resort, but it's a single-family home," he says.

Named "Whydah" in honor of an 18th-century pirate ship that wrecked off Cape Cod, "the property itself is very whimsical," Steiner says.

The lagoon-like pool, surrounded by palm trees and tropical foliage "is pretty spectacular," he says. The backdrop is a 12-foot mosaic of a pirate and his mermaid love. Overlooking the pool area, the statue of an oversize gorilla keeps watch.

A big arrrr-cade

The house has a game room that accommodates card tables -- and a grand piano, Steiner says. It also has an arcade with more than 1,000 video games.

"One really cool feature," says Steiner, is a replica of an old-fashioned sugar mill "with a turret on top." It houses an office decked out as a captain's quarters, along with a rooftop deck with views of the horizon.

The home also comes with a host of pirate memorabilia, including antique swords, an authentic treasure chest and working cannon.


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