2009 Real Estate Guide
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Bankrate's 2009 Real Estate Guide

Today's market

The real estate world has turned upside down. What's old is new. What was in is out and yesterday is the future.

Buyer's boon

It may be the best time in years to buy a home. Or will prices drop even further?

Seller's sufferings

The pain continues for those who must sell -- but will the stimulus spark sales?

Standing your ground

The real estate turmoil impacts even homeowners staying put -- some positive, some negative.

Calculators & tools

Use our wide array of calculators to take the guesswork out of selling or buying a home.

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Poonkulali Thangavelu

Homeowership rate down for all groups

Even as the housing market continues to improve, there are still signs that it has not yet fully recovered. Among them: the homeownership rate for the first quarter of 2015 fell to 63.7 percent. When was the homeownership rate last lower than this? You would have to look back to 1986, that long-ago year when  ... Read more

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