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4 urgent home fixes before you retire

Replace your roof
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Cost: $50 to $1,000 per 100 square feet, depending on materials.

Advantage: Better heat retention, avoidance of crises, such as water damaged walls and mold infestations.

A leaky roof can infest the walls with mold and hurt your health. And it can be a bear of an expense to deal with when you’re on a fixed income.

Once you've made a plan and set aside funds, consider adding a reflective membrane under the shingles so that it will reflect heat and cold. Your furnace won't have to work so hard. When choosing shingles, consider a light-colored shingle instead of the typical gray or black. The light shingles won't cost much more -- shingles are at the bottom of the price range anyway.

If you're looking for a green solution and are willing to pay up to three times the cost of shingles, consider a metal roof, says Barrows. You can purchase it made from recycled materials, and it's simple to install.




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