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If you don't have social media skills, friend them.

Social media are increasingly bringing together talented job seekers with companies looking to hire. So if you think Facebook and Twitter are just for keeping in touch with friends, or if you haven't thought about them at all, it's time to change your mindset.

Surveys by found that 45 percent of hiring managers used social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook to research job candidates in 2009. Furthermore, they're increasingly using such sites to promote their companies as well.

One way to use social media effectively is to think of them as a platform for spotlighting yourself. Post profiles that underscore "your unique selling proposition," says Budd. Highlight things such as recent seminars you've attended, career-related books you've read or your professional accomplishments.

Twitter can be used to demonstrate your expertise on a subject, and is useful to follow potential employers and get a taste of their corporate cultures, he says. You'll also find some companies are using Twitter to announce job vacancies.




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