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You found a $20 bill -- now what?

Do something nice for someone else
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Want to share some of that windfall? There are a lot of charities that could use a boost right now. Here are two:

America's Second Harvest: During the summer, food banks scramble to meet increased demand. There are no school lunches, which is sometimes the best or only meal children have all day. As families struggle to stretch more meals out of already tight budgets, this group, which is a network of community food banks, can turn your $20 into roughly 140 meals.

American Red Cross: Even if you can't leave your desk, you can pitch in with disaster relief. This group is often among the first on the scene when catastrophe strikes. The money provides food, shelter, toiletries and even clean drinking water. You can also specify if there's a particular disaster area you want to help with your donation.




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