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Student discounts can save kids cash

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To stay afloat amid rising tuition and back-to-school costs, most students and parents could use a crash course in Saving Money 101.

The National Retail Federation identifies the biggest back-to-school trends every school year, and the No. 1 trend for 2011 is no surprise: "Spend where you need to, save where you can." High schoolers want to save for college, and their parents are on a tight budget. College students want to learn how to avoid student loans, survive on a diet of pizza and Ramen, slice textbook prices in half and snag laptop deals.

"They have to count pennies," says Gunhan Unal, founder and CEO of, a student discount site.

But students from elementary to graduate school can make this easier by finding discounts through social media, websites, old-fashioned coupons and word of mouth. They just have to know how.

Take note as we cover five major areas where students can save money in style this school year.

Click on an image to see where you can score student discounts.

Necessities Entertainment and Clothing Travel Software and Textbooks Computers

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