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'South Park's' Parker & Stone talk success

Comedy Central's "South Park" is rude, crude and one of the most successful series in TV history, having just begun its 15th season. And if that's not impressive enough, creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are also kings of Broadway. Their hit show, "The Book of Mormon," won nine 2011 Tony Awards, including Best Musical. Parker and Stone spoke to Bankrate about the before and after of success.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone
South ParkPhoto courtesy of Comedy Central
Now, many millions of dollars later, do you have extravagant lifestyles, or do you try to stay reasonable and somewhat frugal?

Matt Stone: I'm not frugal. I can't say that. Trey is definitely not frugal.

Trey Parker: It's crazy, because I'm extremely extravagant in some ways. I still go to McDonald's and whatnot, but sometimes it's like, this is insane what I'm doing right now. When I was in Colorado, I got my dad, my sister and my friend's mom cars at the same time. I went down to Toyota and said, "Give me three of these cars," and got them for those people.

Matt Stone: I can fly myself and my wife first class someplace, and it's like ... I totally don't know what a dollar's worth anymore. I'm out of touch. But I have to say ... (he points to his clothing: jeans, sneakers and a T-shirt).





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