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Save money on reconditioned items

Ready, set: Go bargain shopping

Whether you're trying for the most bang for your holiday shopping buck or you simply want to cheer your favorite team to victory on an upgraded flat screen television, here are some places to look for reconditioned deals from manufacturers:

Apple offers discounts as high as 40 percent and more on its computers and iPods, and they come with the same warranty as the new ones.

Look for deals on everything Dell sells, from laptops to monitors. Click on home or office, then the link to the Dell Outlet.

Search for reconditioned items on Sony's site. Like many manufacturers, Sony also has outlet stores that stock reconditioned merchandise.

You can find your favorite reconditioned TiVo products at its site, along with some great discounts.

Looking for other brands? Try their Web sites. If they don't carry reconditioned products online, then look for brick-and-mortar outlets.

Other sites that sell or offer links to reconditioned merchandise include:

Amazon carries a huge selection. Just put "reconditioned" or "refurbished" in the search line. KitchenAid and Dyson offer refurbished goods through Amazon. Often, you can also get free shipping and no taxes.

Lots of reconditioned items are for sale on TigerDirect.

At BradsDeals, Brad Wilson checks out the bargains, including reconditioned stuff, and reports back with easy-to-follow links to the best of the best. boasts tons of stuff and charges the same low fee for shipping no matter how much you buy. Check out the buyer ratings for the 4-1-1 on products you like.

Looking for reconditioned power tools? Tool King carries every brand imaginable in both new and reconditioned form.

Dyscern offers lots of reconditioned electronics and their accessories on the cheap. Dyscern differs from some other reconditioned merchants in that it obtains its products from big-box stores and the Dyscern staff does the reconditioning themselves.


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