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Phone scams against the elderly

Hello, Grandma!
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Hello, Grandma!You get a phone call from a "friend" of your grandson. Bad news. Your grandson is in jail. He's too embarrassed to call his parents. Could you wire the bail-lawyer money? And please don't tell anyone.

One big tip-off: the request to wire money. "Scammers are very frequently users of money services," says Breyault.

Any time a stranger on the phone asks you to wire money, it's a con. And sometimes, even when someone claims to be family, that can also be a scam.

Still worried? Hang up and dial your grandson, says Breyault. Chances are his cell is glued to his hip, and you'll discover he's not in jail.

Or ask the caller the name of the location and the jail. Then hang up, and look up the number to that jail yourself. If you find out it's a real place, call to see if your little darling is there. Most likely, he won't be.




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