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How to launch a second career

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Michael Friedmann was a meteorologist who forecast the local weather for 15 years before getting laid off. "Finding a similar job in a decent market is extremely difficult, with younger people coming up and crowding the market," he says. "I would indeed recommend a second career to anyone who has been laid off from a highly competitive field, especially one that tends to hire younger, greener and cheaper."

A second career, he says, should be a good fit with your interests, but it should also have good prospects for growth.

That's why he trained to become a certified pharmacy technician, a job in the growing health care field. That knowledge, coupled with his interest in medicine (he has a graduate degree in science journalism), gave him the impetus he needed to get started.

He won't be abandoning his first love entirely. While working as a pharmacy technician, "I will be launching a Web-based brand of weather information, education and entertainment, with a podcast/radio show, devoted to popular enjoyment of the wonders of the weather, to follow."




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