December 8, 2016 in Smart Money

10 ways Elf on the Shelf can teach kids about money

Riley Arthur/Bankrate

Your elf is back from the North Pole. Great news! Except, now you need Elf on the Shelf ideas.

Here are 10 Bankrate-approved ideas for teaching your kids to be money-smart like their favorite visiting elf.

Before buying a new car, a smart elf test-drives.

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A money-smart elf budgets for the holidays, and he keeps all of his receipts.

To protect himself from identity theft, a money-smart elf may freeze his credit.

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To protect his identity, a money-smart elf cuts up old credit cards.

A money-smart elf compares mortgage rates before buying his dream house.

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A money-smart elf cuts costs of his morning coffee by making a cup at home.

A money-smart elf uses a smart thermostat to manage his electric bill.

A money-smart elf opens bills and pays them on time.

A money-smart elf gets an A+ in financial literacy.

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A money-smart elf relaxes poolside, having invested his money wisely.

Is your Elf on the Shelf money-smart? Send in your favorite elf pictures for possible inclusion in a future story!