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Checklist for name change after marriage

5. Contact your bank

Updating your name with your bank or credit union may require an in-person visit. For a name change on your account, the bank will want to see your updated driver's license, says Wright.

6. Notify creditors in order to link credit files

If you don't tell lenders of your new moniker, you won't have a credit history under your married name, which can pose a problem during a credit check.

Once notified, creditors will update their records and report the new information to the credit reporting agencies. TransUnion spokesman Steve Katz says consumers don't need to notify the agencies directly. Consumers should see the new name on their credit reports within a few months after contacting creditors.

If you're not sure which companies to contact, request a free copy of your credit report through

7. Continue down the list

Then contact the other places on your list, such as:
  • Landlord or mortgage company.
  • Other insurance accounts (auto, life, home, etc.).
  • Physicians' offices.
  • Professional licensing boards.
  • Investment accounts.
  • Your attorney (to update legal documents).
  • Utilities.
  • Passport office.
  • Post office.
  • Voter registration board.
  • Alumni association.

After getting through all the important updates, it will be a matter of changing your name as you come across miscellaneous accounts and subscriptions.

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