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Financing options for fertility treatment
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For a couple, few problems can be more heart-wrenching than the struggle to conceive. Today, modern science and financing make it possible for many couples to realize that dream.

Vicki Baldwin is president and chief executive officer of In Vitro Sciences, a company in Avon, Conn., that helps couples find a fertility treatment program and provides access to financing. Baldwin says treatment can cost around $10,000, not including roughly $3,000 for drugs. Some insurance companies cover fertility treatment, but many don't. If your insurance company doesn't cover it and you can't afford to pay for it in full, one option is to finance it.

It usually takes more than one attempt to succeed, so some patients choose the multicycle refund program, says Baldwin. Under this plan, you finance three fresh cycles of in vitro and three frozen embryo transfers for $20,000 to $30,000, depending on your age. If you aren't successful, you get up to 70 percent of the money back, according to In Vitro Sciences. An alternative is to finance the cost of each cycle by taking a personal loan. Interest rates on medical loans tend to be lower than those on credit cards, Baldwin says.




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