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Attention, singles: the true price of love

Special occasion cards
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Valentine's Day. Birthdays. Cards to say "I love you." Cards to say "I'm sorry." Eventually, cards for his or her family members on their birthdays and anniversaries.

You could save by buying cheaper cards from a dollar store or by sending a free e-card. But pinching pennies can backfire. One budget-conscious suitor tells of buying two Valentine's Day cards for the price of one and saving the second one for the next year.

The girlfriend wasn't so impressed when she found out. But now she is his wife. And she still has both cards. (Awwww.)

Personalized cards from range from about $3.49 to $5.99. Pay for the stamp and Hallmark will mail the card for you.

Estimated cost: $20 to $35 per year.




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