8 ways to find and keep a temporary job

Some 6,000 temporary staffing firms nationwide fill more than 11 million jobs a year, analysts say. The agencies range from global giants with many business units like Kelly Services Inc. and Manpower Inc. to local niche firms that serve a single industry sector or even a single client. Whether you're looking for an immediate job as an unskilled laborer or an overseas assignment as an emergency room nurse, there's likely an agency that suits your talents.

To start with a detailed list of staffing firms in your area, check the American Staffing Association's state chapter directory.

Many services operate Web sites with helpful career information and links to other resources in addition to online application materials and job postings. Here's a sampling of national and international staffing companies and their main specialties:

Locations: 360 worldwide
Specialties: financial, accounting, credit and collections
Web site:

Locations: 150 worldwide
Specialties: engineering, aviation, scientific and architecture
Web site:

CLP Resources
Locations: 64 nationwide
Specialties: construction and skilled trades
Web site:

Kelly Services
Locations: 2,000 nationwide
Specialties: professional services, law, health care, technical and administrative
Web site:

Labor Ready
Locations: 600 nationwide
Specialty: general day labor
Web site:

Locations: 4,200 worldwide
Specialties: professional services, technical, finance, engineering and administrative
Web site:

Locations: serves clients nationwide from headquarters in Alpharetta, Ga.
Specialties: sales and marketing
Web site:

MSX International
Locations: 13 worldwide
Specialty: automotive business solutions
Web site:

On Assignment
Locations: 79 worldwide
Specialties: health care, travel nursing and engineering
Web site:

Locations: 62 nationwide
Specialties: logistics and warehousing
Web site:

Locations: 90 worldwide
Specialty: information technology
Web site:

Locations: 31 nationwide
Specialty: commercial truck drivers
Web site:

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