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7 tips for a frugal, hassle-free road trip

Pack the right stuff
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Traveling with the right necessities will help to lower the stress and save money on your vacation. Paul Shrater, co-founder of, retail specialists in all things travel-sized, says you should include maps, flashlights, an emergency blanket, rain ponchos, hand warmers and three days' worth of water and food. The food can be nutrition bars or trail mix.

Ross recommends an emergency kit as the No. 1 item in your car. You can buy one prepackaged or create your own. Include bandages, gauze, ointment for cuts or stings, aspirin, children's aspirin and a thermometer.

You may also consider an entertainment device for the children like video games or a DVD player.

If your vehicle isn't equipped with a GPS, then either buy a portable one or use the GPS app on your smartphone to keep from driving unnecessary miles.




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