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5 little cuts for big savings

Rethink your cable
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While cable TV rates vary by region, most subscribers have something in common, says Julie Murphy Casserly, president of JMC Wealth Management in Chicago.

"They're probably overspending based on what they actually use," Casserly says.

According to Casserly, the solution isn't to make drastic cuts on home entertainment but rather to set up a system where you pay only for the programming you watch. On the one hand, that means making your plan as basic as you can. But it also means doing something a little counterintuitive to anyone watching their budget. Use pay-per-view and on-demand offerings in lieu of expensive movie channel subscriptions, Casserly says.

"I advise this with all my clients, and on average, they save between $40 and $100 a month because they only pay for what they watch," she says.





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