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5 tips for hiring an interior designer

Be clear about your budget
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Doby and Sheridan stress the importance of being upfront about how much money you're willing to spend on your design project. But according to Sheridan, the difficulty in getting clients to discuss their budgets is a frequent source of frustration for interior designers.

"It's a real cat-and-mouse game," Sheridan says. "They leave it up to the designer to somehow, with a crystal ball, figure this out."

Sometimes your vision for a design project will turn out not to match your budget. If you're dreaming of a custom kitchen but have a budget of only $20,000, it's probably not going to happen. An interior designer can help you prioritize your wish list, showing you what your budget will allow you to do now and how you can work toward your goal a little bit at a time.

Sheridan says designers can provide you with ballpark figures on the cost of doing a particular kind of project, say a whole living room or a bathroom renovation. But with such a wide range in the quality and costs of materials, how much you end up spending is mainly up to you.




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