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5 things homeowners can haggle for

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Many of the techniques that work with furniture can also net a better deal on appliances, too.

Get those model numbers, then hit the Internet, Bailey says. Research will net you not just the best price, but also the points of comparison among similar products.

As with buying a home, knowing what's hot -- and what's not -- with buyers gives you a negotiating advantage. So if that appliance comes in a few colors and you know one of them isn't selling well, that might be a point for bringing down the price. (No need to let the salesperson know that it matches your color scheme perfectly.)

This is also a time when it pays to consider the quality of your information sources, too, Bailey says. "Just like with a home, you need a reliable seller," he says. When you buy online, stick with big names you trust, he says.

Lowball websites have their place, even if you wouldn't trust them with your money. You still might be able to use that quote to persuade a store to lower its price, Bailey says.




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