Poll: Few homeowners regret purchase

Why do you regret having bought your home?
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Among homeowners who regret having bought their homes, 31 percent said they feel woeful because they are unable to sell and move on. Another 22 percent said it was because they couldn't afford the monthly mortgage payments.

Some 23 percent said they have regrets for other, unspecified reasons. The rest volunteered their own reasons for wishing they hadn't bought their home.

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In this recession, where the best available job might be out of town, it's not surprising that some people regret owning homes that tie them down, LaGiglia says.

"I think the whole idea about being able to up and move -- it's an easier decision for people if you don't have a home."

There's one caveat to these stats. Overall, the poll of homeowners has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.2 percentage points. But the number of regretful homeowners is so small that the figures in the accompanying chart have a margin of error of plus or minus 14 percentage points.




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