Mortgage Rate Trend Index


Will rates go up, down or remain unchanged?

Cameron FindlayCameron Findlay
Chief economist,, Charlotte, N.C.
We are back to the same mortgage rate levels we saw at the end of June, but 30-year rates have declined faster than 15-year rates, meaning 30-year mortgages offer more relative value today than 15-year mortgages. When compared to April, 30-year rates have compressed by 0.25 percent more than 15-year rates.
Dan GreenDan Green
Waterstone Mortgage, author of, Cincinnati
It's been three weeks with no change whatsoever. Rates have troughed. Increases are ahead.
Tommy XintarisTommy Xintaris
Senior mortgage consultant, Houston
Mortgage rates have been on an upward trend the past few days and I think that will flow into the upcoming week. With the FinReg bill being passed into law, it will take some time for the equity and mortgage-backed securities markets to digest the effects. This can cause unfavorable results in the short term for rates.

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