Mortgage Rate Trend Index

Will rates go up, down or remain unchanged?
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No ChangeOnce again, we find rates at historically low levels. Global economic concerns have made domestic investments look more favorable, translating in a return to lower rates. Until a clear reversal in domestic and global economic concerns prevails, we should see rates remain at or around these levels. I see rates remaining unchanged in the near term.

Chris Sipe, senior loan officer, Embrace Home Loans, Frederick, Md.

About the Rate Trend Index surveys experts in the banking and mortgage fields to see if they believe certificate of deposit and mortgage rates will rise, fall or remain relatively unchanged. For the deposit index, the panel comprises banks, thrifts and credit unions that directly offer FDIC-insured certificates of deposit to the end consumer. For the mortgage index, the panel comprises mortgage bankers, mortgage brokers and other industry experts who provide residential first mortgages to consumers. Results from's CD Rate Trend Index will be released monthly. Results from's Mortgage Rate Trend Index will be released each Thursday.


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