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Home sellers sometimes offer wacky incentives to move their houses. But you know what usually works better than sales gimmicks? An unbeatable price.

I'm Holden Lewis with your Personal Finance Minute.

You've heard about sellers who throw in his 'n' her Jet Skis to sweeten a home sale deal. Or they offer a pair of NFL season tickets. Or even a pet.

Realtors say these enticements do create buzz. They attract traffic to a home that's for sale. But they don't necessarily get the house sold.

If you want to sell your house, Realtors say your best bet is to make the place look nice, and then ask for a reasonable price. Curb appeal and a good deal will draw buyers to your door.

Experts say there's another effective incentive besides cars and big-screen TVs. Cash. Offer to pay the buyer's condo fees for a year. Or pay some of the closing costs. Or even offer to finance the purchase, if you can afford it.

Above all, price the house right. That's the best marketing of all.

For, I'm Holden Lewis.


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