Financial meltdown: What now?
Financial meltdown: rates then and now

Financial meltdown: then and now
Mortgage rates have been low since the Federal Reserve cut the federal funds rate to near zero. Is it time to refinance or buy a first home?
While yields on CDs have declined, many fled to the safety of an investment with a guaranteed return. Learn how to take advantage of CD investing.
Money market accounts:
Like CDs, money market rates have declined. Still for emergency savings, a money market account is a good vehicle. See where to start.
Consumer debt difference (revolving):
When the financial crisis hit, Americans changed their debt habits. Jump on the debt pay-down bandwagon using these resources.
Personal savings rate:
As Americans paid down their debt, they began saving more, despite low yields. Where is the best place to save?
Unemployment rate:
Lost your job or fear that you will? Take action with these tips.
Bank failures:
Bank failures became a weekly occurrence in 2009. What should you know about your bank?
Personal bankruptcies:
Plummeting house prices, overextended borrowers and the decline in the stock market combined to send many consumers into bankruptcy. Here's help.

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